Collaborate, Listen & Interpret

Quality design will enhance your corporate brand, help define business culture, drive performance and inspire creativity. Numerous scientific studies have confirmed that a beautiful interior space positively impacts employee productivity and wellbeing.

At Anvil, we believe in working alongside our clients to ensure that we fully understand their business, its philosophy, ethos and future. From introduction to completion, a Director or Senior Project Manager will be with you for the journey, to ensure that there is no discontinuity or “phased delivery” throughout the process.

“We were introduced to Anvil to deliver an unusual and highly complex commercial project. Throughout the project, we were able to work closely with their team and to meet the high standards expected by the client. Proactive and professional at all times, the Anvil team were a delight to work with.”

— Beau Becquart, Associate Architect, KKS Savills

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Workplace assessments, conversations with key staff and observations of work patterns, allow us to get close to the heart of your company and provide valuable insight into community structure. This enables us to create inspirational workspaces designed around how your business operates and functions.

By interpreting our clients thoughts and ideas with flair and creativity, Anvil’s interior design team provides  the most complete and professional service available, which not only delivers visually stunning spaces but functional working environments that operate with both efficiency and style.

Design Principles

While modern commercial space design still encompasses a number of core principles, there are many other factors which influence the creative process that must be considered and incorporated by design teams. Elements such as sustainability, global impact, material hygiene assessments, employee wellness and wellbeing, and most notably spatial considerations arising from the COVID-19 pandemic that allow for smarter layouts with distinct carefully purposed zones.

How successful your workspace looks once complete, will be determined by how effectively these key design principles are applied to all the elements of your scheme:

Symmetry, where elements on either side of an axis are arranged in a symmetrical fashion. Asymmetrical, where each side differs in shape, but there is still a visual equilibrium. Equidistant elements, even in a radial form, can also offer symmetry and balance.

In contrast, dominant colours and textures can offer a distinguishing juxtapose between elements in a series of similar forms.

Elements of different sizes, ratios, and divisions, can create focal points and form relationships with one another.

Light and shade can provide contrast between spaces. Components of varying textures and forms bring about a contrasting effect.

Matching properties, in terms of colour, size, shape and texture of an object can provide harmony within a space. Additionally, each interaction develops users’ expectations for how other similar elements will function.

Using a regular arrangement of alternated or repeated shapes, lines, motifs and colours, can bring interest to a  space.

The importance of components within a space working together as a whole.

The use of different elements such as shape, size or colour, to provide visual interest.

The arrangement of compatible elements and colours that provide the viewer with the feeling that all parts of the scheme form a coherent whole.

A hierarchy can be created with the layout and composition of items in positions that direct the viewer to specific focal points within the concept or scheme.

The use of recurring elements to direct the eye through a space. These can be copied or mimicked numerous times, with a recurring position, size, and colour. Graphical elements can also be used to provide focal points within your scheme and the illusion of movement or direction.

Visualise Your Project

At Anvil, we love creating design presentations that showcase your project and bring it to life. This allows us to communicate our inspiration and design intent in accordance with the brief, and explore the small details and finishes which elevate the finished space.

From concept to completion an Anvil Interior Architect / Designer will work closely with you, hosting design workshops to guide your though the design proposal. This can include the presentation of general arrangement plan(s), detailed architectural 2D drawings, reflective ceiling plan layouts depicting lighting options, flooring suggestions and all services – both existing and required. 3D imagery and mood boards are created to showcase all of the proposed furniture pieces, lighting, and physical samples, allowing you a visceral engagement with the final creation.



Choosing furniture that compliments your environment, represents your brand and vision, and provides stimulating spaces for your team, can be an art.

At Anvil, we are capable of highly creative, unique visions, never repeating a design twice, but always pursuing the right furniture choices for our clients as we want them to feel comfortable, welcomed, and able to sense a connection with each space.

We work with a variety of trusted suppliers who offer a broad spectrum of furniture choices, ranging from the unique, to the contemporary or antique. The service they provide to us is incredible, and our history and buying power allows us to obtain the best trade discounts, which we dutifully pass on to all of our clients, for projects large or small.

Bespoke Features

Additionally, our in-house design team are highly passionate and experienced when it comes to designing bespoke furniture pieces. Nothing is impossible. Our bespoke joinery partners have worked within their profession for over 30 years, collaborating with many of the world’s leading architects and designers.

Handmade creations are tailored to suit your space, and whether it is a bespoke kitchen, washroom, reception desk or a distinct item of furniture, each piece is fully customisable. This allows specific timbers, finishes, or details to be incorporated into your fittings that reflect your brand and enhance the space. The completed works are always stunning, beautifully handcrafted and a talking point in any room.

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