Pre-Contract Planning

The process of selecting a new office can be a long and arduous one. Once instructed, Anvil will work with you, property agents and lawyers, to assess shortlisted buildings and real estate choices. If you are yet to appoint a property agent, Anvil can provide recommendations for a reputable partner to help with your search. We can also provide surveys, feasibility studies, drawings, and advice regarding the building’s infrastructure and services.

Whilst a planning application may not always be needed before work can be undertaken, compliance with building regulations will be essential. Planning Permission is typically required only when structural alterations are made or the exterior of the building is altered, whereas every commercial and public organisation wishing to undertake building, refurbishment, fit-out work, or make internal changes, will have to conform to statutory building requirements.

Building regulations set standards to:

  • Protect the health, safety and welfare of the people who will use and occupy a building
  • Improve the conservation of fuel and power, protect and enhance the environment and promote sustainable development
  • Ensure accessibility within a building for those with disabilities or impairments

At Anvil, we have a wealth of experience completing applications for planning and building regulations

We will work to ensure compliance with all regulatory responsibilities for both planning and building on your project. Where necessary, we will obtain technical input from industry experts to ensure that all legal obligations are met.

Similarly, applications to a new landlord to alter the interior space of your new office (Licence to Alter “LTA”), can be equally involved and complex. From the initial application, to completion and final sign off, we can act on your behalf, aiding liaisons with local authorities and building representatives.

Anvil’s dedicated project planning team have a wealth of experience with all types of planning and building regulation applications, and will provide you with straightforward, empirical advice. Let’s work together — with ease and efficiency.

Space Planning

Space planning is a fundamental component of every fit out that we create, and with our carefully considered preparation, can result in the creation of fluid, agile environments that stimulate productivity and collaboration. At Anvil we always strive to create spaces that motivate your team and thus improve your workflow and efficiency.

Whether you are “re-stacking” your office, fully fitting out a new space, or refurbishing an existing building, Anvil will listen to all of your requirements, identify your needs, help you to formulate a brief, and with our expertise — deliver your vision.

Creating the best space plan for your business is a mix of creativity, mathematics and simple logic. We have developed standards and best practices from countless successful workplace design projects. These include:

  • Personal space requirements
  • Safe circulation layouts
  • Appropriate corridor widths
  • Breakout and training areas
  • Collaboration zones and spaces for staff interaction
  • Meeting rooms
  • Refreshment areas
  • A “central square” or focus point
  • Toilet and sanitary facility numbers
  • Print and copy locations
  • Reception areas
  • Ample storage to meet your needs

Anvil personalises these parameters for every project that we work on, based on collaboration with our clients, teamwork and experience.

Because space planning is an organic and flexible process, Anvil will produce as many iterations of the General Arrangement Plan that you feel are necessary to perfect the layout of your space.


3D visualisations of your new space can be created to help bring the workplace to life. Our goal is always to deliver your vision as efficiently as possible, as we respect project timelines and budget constraints. All work will be programmed to suit the complexity of your space and account for any external factors that may influence the task.

Your Future

Future proofing is a methodology that is incorporated into all of Anvil’s space planning and design projects. It is vital that solutions can accommodate future business growth and adapt to change.  Where do you want to be in five years time? Let’s talk about it and together we will plan for your future — a space for you to occupy now, and space for you to grow into tomorrow.

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